About The Authors

Jeffrey K. Liker & Karyn Ross

Jeffrey K. Liker

Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker is Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering at University of Michigan and President of Liker Lean Advisors. He authored the international best-seller, The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer, (26 languages, over 950,000 copies sold), and has coauthored nine other books about Toyota including Toyota Culture, The Toyota Product Development System, The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership and  Developing Lean Leaders at all Levels:  A Practical Guide. In 2016 he published The Toyota Way to Service Excellence and coauthored a lean transformation business novel called Trenches.  His articles and books have won twelve Shingo Prizes for Research Excellence. In 2012 he was inducted into the Association of Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame and in 2016 inducted into the Shingo Academy.


Karyn Ross

Karyn Ross is an experienced and adept consultant, coach and lean practitioner, Karyn has worked with all sizes and levels of organizations in sectors such as financial services, insurance, human resources, transportation and retail so that they develop a culture of improved business practices. Combining creativity with Toyota Way principles, Karyn is passionate about teaching companies how to discover and deliver the solutions that will satisfy each of their customers now and for the long-term. As well as being the coauthor of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, Karyn has been a regular contributor to the Lean Leadership Ways Industry Week Blog, and has also written for The Lean Management Journal and Industrial Engineer Magazine. A practicing artist, with an MFA in Sculpture, Ross lives in Naperville, Illinois.